The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 08 ♪

Post #97

♪ A song that you know all the words to.

TORETE by Moonstar88

But of course! 🙂

The ONLY song I am always confident to say na ‘I know the lyrics by heart’. Ahaha! Of all my favorite OPM songs, Torete is the only song I can sing better (I think). Ito lang yung katangi-tanging kantang nakakanta ko ng maayos. Ito lang din ang song na kabisado kong tugtugin sa gitara.

This was actually my audition piece. And thanks to this song, I got to perform ‘once-upon-an-acquaintance-party’. Hehe..

Memorable din ito kase during the practise (for the acquaintance party acoustic night), we tried to do this song by me singing it, accompanied by 3 guitarists playing or strumming in 3 versions sabay sabay.. Wala lang.. sayang di natuloy un ganung version.. ang ganda sana! 🙂

Eh ayun! 🙂

♫ torete.. torete.. torete sa’yo..
..wag kang mag-alala
di ko ipipilit sa’yo..
kahit na lilipad..
ang isip ko’y torete sa’yo.. ♫


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