The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 03 ♪

Post #92

♪ A song that makes you happy.


‘Nantoka Naru Sa’ or ‘We’ll Make it Somehow’ in English, is one of the  Japanese songs that really never fails to make me happy (including the song ‘Smile-Maker’ by the same group). 🙂  It is such a feel-good song. 🙂  It has always been the song that I listen to whenever I feel down, or when I want to start the day with a good song in the morning. 🙂

chorus 1 and 2 (with translation):

*Kitto nanto ka naru sa shinpai wa nai sa
Kono michi massugu itte miyou
Kaze no fuku mama sou kanjiru ga mama
Susumeba daijoubu ashita mo ii otenki*

* It’ll be all right, don’t worry
Why don’t you just follow this straight path?
As the wind blows, that’s how it should feel
But if you continue, you’ll be all right
Tomorrow’s weather will also be fine *

Nanto ka naru sa aseru koto nai sa
Nakitaku nattara waratte miyou
Donna toki demo hora egao de ireba
Angai umaku iku ashita wa ii otenki

It’ll be all right, don’t be hasty
If you don’t want to cry, try smiling
No matter how tough it is, if you smile
Unexpectedly good things come, and tomorrow’s weather will be fine.

(c) on lyrics and trans:


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