most beautiful thing about people

Post #86

What is the most beautiful thing about people? Why?

I’d say that it would be just like what Anne Frank said in her diary, that people are really good at heart. I believe that no matter how bad one person may seem to be, he will still have that part of him that’s good.

A good heart.

People are, by nature, good at heart. Think of the worst person you know. Think of the most cruel person you knew. We may not be shown a pure heart, but I believe that deep inside them is a heart as good as anybody else.

story #1:

Anton, more or less, 4 years old, is one of my cousins. He’s very naughty and would sometimes, go against everybody. He’s like an adult man trapped in a baby boy’s body. Haha! There are times when he really won’t obey any of us. There are even times when you can’t ask him to do something. But yesterday, my mother told me a very short story about this little naughty boy that melted my heart.

When Anton saw my Mama the other day, he asked my mother for a few coins (so he could buy candies, etc). But mama saw that he already got some coins for himself given by our lola (grandmother).

Mama: o, meron ka na palang pera eh (you already have your money)

Anton, referring to his injured playmate: hindi, ibibili ko sya ng band-aid eh (no, I’m gonna buy him band-aid. He’s bruised.)

Mama: eh baket hindi mo sya dalhin sa bahay nila at dun sya humingi ng pambili ng bandaid? (then why don’t you bring him to their house to ask his parents to buy him one?)

Anton: eh wala kase silang pera eh.. 😦  (they don’t have money, eh..?)

Hearing those words from a little naughty boy, shocked me. O_O hehe! That was the first time any of us heard Anton talk that way. He’s really one of those little boys that will piss you off, but then after being told of that story, made me say in an instant

“he’s not bad at all.. he has a good heart, too”.. 🙂

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