the last person I had a great conversation with

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Who’s the last person you had a really great conversation with?

I’d say it would be one of my friends in College who we dearly call ‘Kuya Jay. We had a chance to have a small chat in Facebook. He asked how I was, what I have been doing, and I asked him the same. I enjoyed our conversation and I have learned a lot of things.

We rarely get that chance, but every time we have a little conversation, it always is meaningful.

Since we first became friends in College, kuya Jay has always, since then been there to scold me of things that he thought I should know better. He’s really like an older brother to me.

He has always shown confidence about me, so I’d be confident about myself. He was there when I cried over a thesis defense, he was there when I cried over what I thought was my failed performance.

Since I have graduated from college, he was still there from time to time, asking how things have been going. And yesterday, was one of those rare times.

kuya jay:  you are born for greater things.. you choose the better things

     well.. yo should not be a victim of your condition and conditioning

your condition is.. that you are trapped ..
well your heart is…

tell yourself… this time.. “I would be better”
let go…
you owe it to yourself

one way or the other.. you will always find an excuse
and that will always be the case… an excuse!
when somebody asks… what makes you happy…?

Those words really made me think about my current situation, though I’m not really thinking that this situation is a big deal.

I have always been the ‘accepting’ type – I accept things as they come. I’d become hurt sometimes, but that doesn’t keep me from holding on to something that has been making me happy.

I know that at the end of all this, I would still be the one to choose for myself, but I still thank kuya Jay for making me face realities.

Hehe.. 😉

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