plant the house somewhere else..

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Last Saturday, June 18, 2011, I and my friend, Jaye went to Subic (Olongapo, Philippines) to try something we haven’t done together before. We went for a Tree Top Adventure, for a fun-filled, “conquer-your-fears” day.

We chose the following activities:

– Survival Demo
– Trekking Adventure
– Canopy Ride
– Superman Ride

We really had so much fun that day. But actually, I will not be talking about my Tree Top Adventure as much as I would love to. Hmm.. in another post, maybe 🙂

My friend saw this post during our 30-minute trek, and she took a photo of it and told me what’s written since the picture was blurry.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

This is true. Earth provides more than enough for our needs, but sadly some people use these for greed.

We suddenly remembered the site/place, that the bus we were riding on passed by on our way to Subic. Somewhere in Olongapo, we saw nicely built houses.

nicely-built houses

Beautiful, isn’t it? I found this beautiful and thought of wanting to stay in one of those.. Not until the bus progressed, and we came to turn to this side of that site..

trees cut

Wouldn’t this be more beautiful if there are trees planted, rather than houses? Now, I don’t find those houses beautiful, anymore.

Trees were cut, and Nature is being destroyed just for the sake of building nice houses to sell. This is just not right. Have they ever considered the people that will be living here, during these rainy season? What about on typhoons?

We all know, for a fact, that trees are a big help to avoid landslides. But what are they doing now?

Tsk tsk.

Nature has been very generous to us.. so  let’s use its gifts (and God’s) in a good way.. Let’s be resourceful in a nature-loving way.. 🙂

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