my most memorable birthday, so far.

Post #40

My today’s post will be an answer to’s prompt for the day:

Describe your most memorable birthday.

It was 2 days before my birthday last year in October, when one of my friends, Ela,  invited me to have a dinner out on the next day (15th). We usually have lunch out dates so, I, that time was surprised she wanted to dine out.

The next day, in the morning, another friend, May, just informed me that she will be leaving the office early because she had to attend something that was very important and that she really needed to go there. I was kind of guessing and was having the idea that something’s different. She usually tells me the exact event where she will be going, so that time, it felt strange that she just told me that she had to leave early.

As the night approached, I felt uneasy and told May that I think I don’t want to go and have dinner with Ela, anymore. I just felt nervous, and didn’t know why. That time, after I told May my dilemma, she was actually having a chat conversation with the rest of our peers, and they were talking about me – and I guess they were laughing at me. XD

Ela, came in my cube in the office at around 6:30 PM (if I remember correctly). I initially thought it would just be a dinner in one of the fast food chains within the office vicinity. I was even surprised when she initiated to have it in MOA (SM Mall of Asia). I was hesitant for a second, but still decided to go.

While in the mall, I just let her lead me anywhere until we arrived at the front of Lazertag Extreme, and I was left speechless to find my peers waiting for me. 🙂 After we played lazertag, we ate, and spent the night together until the clock struck 12am, finally my birthday, the 16th-October. 🙂

BERKS - October 15
BERKS - October 15 - a few hours before my birthday on the 16th

That was my most memorable birthday as of now. 🙂 And the best gift so far, is their TIME, which I wrote about few weeks ago. (Read it here) 🙂

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