if I could change careers

Post #30

Pick something that annoys you and redesign how it works.

Are you sick of the long lines at the DMV? Bothered by waiting in the doctors office without being told how long you have to wait? Pick something that annoyed you yesterday, and describe how you would redesign or change it to make your annoyances go away.

Could be a device, a machine, a process, a place, anything.

It’s going to be my work.

I used to love what I do. I have been in this industry (IT) for more or less 5 years already. I used to be so motivated each and every day. I used to look forward to the coming days, weeks, months, and years. But every thing just seems to change these days.

Now, I’m hating what I do. Maybe because my tasks are getting difficult each day, bugs and/or defects coming are ranging from High to Critical – and I feel stressed.

I have expressed my desire to shift from being a developer (one who programs codes)  to be a tester. I just don’t want to do programming anymore. I no longer want to be a developer.

Sometimes I think if only I could shift careers in an instant, if not a tester, then I’d just want to be a writer.


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