i trust you.

Post #23

How do you recover lost trust? In a person? In an idea?

Bonus: If someone lets you down or betrays you, how do you learn to forgive? And can you possibly learn to trust them again? Why or why not?


It’s one of the most important things for me. You cannot love a person that you don’t trust. Trust is something we gain, and not something we ask for. Once a trust has been broken, it can always be recovered but not in the same way as it used to be.

I have experienced being let down, and felt being betrayed by a friend. It hurt. It even took me weeks before I could talk to that person again. I am not that of a forgiving person because I can’t forget that easily.

But just as forgiveness takes time, giving the full weight of trust again to that person, also took time. My friendship with that person was never broken, though my trust is slightly cracked. I still trust her though, but the trust cannot be the same as before..

Trust is something that when I say “I trust you.”, you would have to take me seriously. 😉

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