Post #22

I say..

Friendship doesn’t end when someone leaves,
or moves on to another place..
But just the beginning of its true test.
Which only a few circles are strong enough to surpass..

I am really happy for my friends who have finally found their happy places. It’s just too sad that they now, really have to leave. From more or less 10, now we’re soon down to three or four.

I have been with them for almost 5 years already and we really never imagined to be separated this way, or that this day will ever come. As time pass, as we grow, as we learn, people, one by one, leaves. It’s not because they want to, but because they have to.

They say, I am the most cry-baby. I cry a lot. I easily get teary-eyed even at the slightest touching story or deed. I hate parting. I hate leaving. I hate being left.

I don’t know why, but somehow, when it comes to anyone of us leaving or moving away, I am the most affected one. Maybe I’m just too used to having each and every one of them around.

Things happen. I know and I believe the friendship we have doesn’t just end when one of us leaves, but just a beginning.

This can mean one of the few things – we’re getting old.

It’s no longer “see you tomorrow!”..

Because we’ll soon be used to “see you soon, see you around!” 😉

I am happy. 😉 I promise. 😉

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