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Post #21

Today’s post was:

How did you get your name?

Who chose it, and why?

My real name is Jocelle. I am the eldest child and/or grandchild in my mother’s side of the family. Coming from a Filipino family, it’s almost always common to name children based on their parent’s or grandparent’s names. Sometimes, it even has this trend of having the initial letter of every child the same – just like me and my sibling’s names which all starts with the letter ‘J’, and ‘A’ for my cousins.

As for the given name,  I got mine from the names of my mother’s parents – my grandparents Jose and Marcelia.

Jocelle” where: Jo came from JOse and Cel came from MarCELia. I guess they just added the “-le” just to make it more of a girl’s name. 🙂

Who gave me that name? I’m guessing that it’s obviously my grannies. Why that name? Maybe because I am the first child in their family, and their first “apo” (grandchild) at the time I was born. 😉

So there! My name – how did I get it, from whom, and why.. 🙂

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