for my last meal

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What do you want for your last meal?

Assume price / logistics / etc. is no object (but somehow I doubt the most expensive things are what you’d really want)

@ Polaris, Pagudpud (Ilocos, Philippines)

Mine would be, of course, my favorite.. Sinigang! (pork sinigang, to be specific).

Sinigang has always been my default answer to questions like that. I even answered it as something I could eat forever – seriously. Not to mention that there was one time when I ate sinigang for lunch for the whole week, really. And to add, every time I am out of town, I would always look forward to meal time and would initially look for it in the menu, asking my friends “hmm.. meron kaya silang sinigang?” (do they have sinigang..?)

But who really knows when and where that last meal is going to take place, and whom do we share our last lunch, or supper with?


Even if you say, you don’t want to have a last meal, you never know. For we don’t know when our last will come.

We all get to have our last meal. That’s for sure.


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