twenty minutes

Post #15

19 Minutes left before this day ends.


Everyone gets a pass for today.

This means those who are into the postaday2011 challenge can take their time off blogging today because earlier had some server issues. But since it had been resolved, then I have no more any excuses not to post. Ahaha..

12 minutes.


10 minutes left.

Everyone gets a chance to pass.

Thought it’s a nice phrase. Everybody gets a chance to say “pass” and let something slip away, but only a few dared not to.

7 minutes.

If you are given a chance to pass, will you?

I say, it depends.. 🙂

I am now given a chance, because it is prompted. But I still choose not to end this day without a try, even if this ended to be just some nonsense post.  😉

3 minutes.

Never mind.



Thank you. 😉

2 thoughts on “twenty minutes

    1. Oh, I see.. I actually didn’t know at first the reason for the pass, and the time I learned about it, has already resolved the problem.. So I was able to post.. 🙂

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