funny failed little secrets

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Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep

Bonus: If you don’t want to write the secret itself, why do you think you failed to keep it? Do you know anyone that could have kept it? Have you learned more about yourself such that you are strong enough now to keep a similiar secret?

I don’t remember any big secret that I failed to keep ‘coz no matter how simple, foolish, small a secret is, I always try to keep my mouth shut, except for the only kind of little secrets that I admit am not good at keeping — when it comes to planning birthday surprises secretly.

I, most of the time would accidentally send the “supposedly” secret message to all who are involved secretly, including the birthday celebrant. Hihihi

I clearly remember that one time when we were planning to get a surprise birthday message for Wesley from one of our friends, who, at that time was in an onshore assignment. Haha! I wrote to Ronnie with all berks_ko_toh (Cleigh, May, Mickey, Tiffany, Ella, etc) copied in the email, supposedly excluding Wesley. After I clicked the send button, I almost screamed of shock to learn that I accidentally included Wesley! Ahahaha!

I seriously prayed to disappear from my cube (in the office). At an instant, I sensed that Wesley was on his way to my cube. I quietly and slowly stood to see him approaching me with a very wide smile, and an expression of “huli  ka!”  (“got you!”)





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