Just Got Home

Post #6

Zhela has been one of my good and close friends in the office. I knew her since 2008 when she first got in the company, and for her first “project”. she was rolled in to the team I was in that time. She was one of the testers for that team.

I met her.

I knew her name and that was only it.

I knew her in 2008 but we only became friends in 2009 when I met her again in my next project. I am friends with her team mates that’s why every lunch time, we get to spend time together. She said she enjoyed our company, the next after that, was history. 🙂

After more or less 2 years in the company, she decided to leave. I missed her. I am missing her. She’s been my lunch buddy since I guess 2009, then suddenly I am alone.. haha!

Oh life.. sometimes you really have to learn how to manage spending time with your lone self. 😉

Anyways, it’s just a couple of days since her last day in the workplace.

We met earlier and she treated us with a dinner-slash-drink session. And ofcourse, SOCO wasn’t missed out! :p

SOCO @ Central
SOCO @ Central

Today’s (actually yesterday’s) topic was:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Why? Give an example.

It will always be Chocolate for me.

And since it’s Chocolate, it’s got to be SOCO.. 🙂

I was late for yesterday’s post, I’m sorry.

I just got home.

Yey. 😉


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