The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 25

A picture of your day

Day 25 - My Day
Day 25 - My Day

I don’t know what picture shall I take to describe my typical day so I just took a picture of my messy desk. Hehehe

Just picture this:
Starting from the moment I wake up,
– I reach for my fone, and connect to wifi,
– Check for new fb notifications
– Check my twitter for new tweets from @chitomirandajr
– Have a cup of coffee
– Watch Unang Hirit
– Take a bath with tomo-chan singing (celfone playing)
– Prepare to leave
– Ride a tryke, a jeep, and then take the shinkansen *you wish*, i mean the MRT

in the office:
– LogIn to the timetracker
– Open an IE browser, check gmail (ambait ko noh??)
– Open another IE browser, login to meebo
– Open another IE browser, preparing for workmode ekek
– Open everything work-related..

after work:
– I sometimes (really sometimes??) drink with my teammates/friends/co-sufferers (joke!) haha!

But since yesterday, I have a new assignment every night.. lol it’s the Post A Day 2011 blog challenge..! weee! ♥

So that means, after posting this day25 photo, I’ll go straight to wordpress and do my assignment.. plus repost this.. 🙂


And that was it! 🙂

*5 more days and I’m done with this photo challenge! weeee! 🙂


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