Post #2

They didn’t want to be called grannies. We were brought up to call them mommy and daddy.

They are my favorite grandparents.

Daddy lolo passed away when I was 7. Mami lola lives, and I know will live and see me reach my 27th. It was almost 20 years ago when dadi left, but honestly, it still makes me teary-eyed remembering him.

Last night, an hour after I got home, my cousin called.

Mama told me to go with her.

I asked where. She said mami’s brought to the Emergency Room.

Shocked, I asked why.

She told me what was told to her by my cousin: Mami can’t breathe.


Next thing I know, we were standing outside the ER.

The doctor called for mama and said that mami’s already 50/50.

Mama was in tears telling this to me.

I held back my tears while listening. I hated that moment.

We waited for more or less 2 hours. I kept on praying not to let that night be her end. I talked to dadi not to take her with him.

2 hours seemed like forever. I didn’t want the night to end.. not in a scary way..

Finally.. mami was revived.

The first words she spoke when she was already able to was: “Eh gusto ko na kase mamahinga.”

We can’t laugh hard.. because we can’t let that be.. 😦


The 65th topic, and my 2nd for postaday2011 was:

If you could read minds for a day, would you?

Whose? What would you want to find out?

If I could read minds right now, I definitely would.  It would be mami’s because I just want to know what she thinks as of this moment, and be able to keep her from thinking that way..

*sighs* 😥


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