The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 17

A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

A stub.

Something that has made a huge impact on my life was actually not this stub, but a photo stub. I didn’t have any picture of that photo stub I am referring to, but it somehow looked like this one.

3 years ago, I attended a Christmas Party. At the entrance of the venue were ushers who would hand you stubs: a food and a photo stub.

The photo stub that was handed to me was numbered:Β 143.

After receiving and realizing the number on my photo stub, I joked with my friend and said “hmm.. maybe this is a sign that tonight I’m gonna find whoever is “him”..” .. XDD and we laughed.

I never imagined that it would really be something that I first thought.

It was then, 3 years ago, when I realized and found out, that what I was looking for is just around my own circle.

And what I had started to feel 3 years ago, has never changed.. til now..


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