The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 16

A picture of someone who inspires you.


The answer to the question is in my mouse pad.
Yes. The ones in the picture plus the one who took that picture really inspire me. They inspire me in so many ways.

And it’s because they inspire me that I never wanted another mouse pad.. hahaha!

Because that picture reminds me that someday, somehow, all of us can meet again and spend the entire night together.. haha naks..

Actually, kaming anim lang kase nuong unang panahon un madalas magkasama sa galaan. Yung biglaang galaan. Yun tipong pauwi ka na lang eh biglang may magyaya ng..

“alis tayo.”
tapos may sasagot ng “weh? seryoso? as in ngayon na?”
“di nga? ano? magliligpit na ko”
“oo nga, tara”
“tara tara!”

tapos nun, next thing we know, ayun nasa serendra na kame, ay serendre ba un.. ano nga ulet un pangalan nun???

*diko talaga matandaan..


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