The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 15

A picture of something you want to do before you die.

Dolphin Experience
from Ocean Adventure website
pictures taken from Ocean Adventure
Ride on a Dolphin.

I had a Bucket List and this is one of the things I have recently added.

I haven’t really seen real dolphins, but they are my favorite sea animals.
I even once bought a ring which has dolphin designs on it.

I got the idea of riding a dolphin from one of the episodes of Susan Enriquez’ “Kay Susan Tayo!” in GMA7 and thought that I would also like to experience what she said she felt after her dolphin experience. I can’t forget how she almost cried of joy! She was even teary-eyed while saying “Iba eh.. iba yun saya after mo maexperience.. Alam mo un umaapaw yun kaligayahan mo na di mo maexplain”..

That was it.  I want to experience that, too..!

Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins.. when will we meet.. 😉


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