The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 14

A picture of something you can’t imagine your life without.

taken from a Japanese drama "Bloody Monday"

CHIGAU! it’s not HARUMA..

These days, hmm.. call it stupid, call it weird, haay..whatever.. someTHING I can’t live without these days are DORAMAS.. haha

as in like today.. naiinis ako di ko madownload un Bloody Monday Season 2.. panay kase MegaUpload eh.. naiinis ako..

guston gusto ko pa naman na ulet mapanuod si Haruma!

haaay.. nako…

ulitin ko na lang un Gokusen 3 at panuorin ang Gokusen The Movie!

Day 14 is supposed to be SomeONE.. ofcourse it would be MAMA ulet.. so I changed it na lang to someTIHING.. kase baka makorni na.. hahaha..

so ayun.. matutulog ako ng hindi masaya.. dahil di ko makita si haruma sa season 2 kase di ko nga madownload..

papanuorin ko na lang ulet un Gokusen at un Movie tapos Bloody Monday season 1 ulet..

ang galig kase ni FALCON eh.. haaaay… >.<


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