The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 10

A picture of the person you do the most stupid things with.
They are the people I have done the most stupid, weird, yet FUN things with in 2010.
And of course I mean this in a good way.. haha *naks! 

I got this photo, actually searched for it in kat’s lj.

Examples of stupid, yet fun things I have done with these creatures are:
1. That pic alone, is actually not stupid, it’s funny.. LOL gayahin ba un original picture? haha.. Parang di ko maimagine gumawa ako nyan..haha

2. Create our own group of Kingdoms and really feel the role of being a Piry (fairies ni Pi – NEWS), katorfly (butterflies ni Shige – NEWS), tegomoeba (amoeba ni Tegoshi – NEWS), witches (ni Kei-chan – NEWS), meryomaids (mermaids ni Ryo-chan), hundred-acre food friends ni Massuda (NEWS) Pooh

3. Watch past NEWS Concerts together ONLINE while the REAL CONCERT (NEWS live live live!) is happening at the KYOCERA DOME, Japan. Oh yes, we are even FLAILING ONLINE as in like “kyaaaah! yamapi! tegoshi!! shige! kei!! massu! ryo!!! anjan na! lalabas na sila!!” .. started to watch it at the exact time the real concert was to start.. dami kong tawa.. kala mo kase nasa totoong concert kung makahiyaw sa CHAT CONFERENCE.. hahaha

4. OTP battle – and yes, they understand this VERY WELL. haha i-pair ang bawat members sa isa’t isa.. at ipaglaban para sa pag-ibig.. gumulong gulong sa higaan.. :p

5. Shoot our own Summertime PV.. (where art thou) haha. Yes. We even went to NUVALI to eat, ride a boat (at muntik na mang-away), and then pa-picture, and then shoot a video.. (could you imagine ME being involved in a video shooting? isang malaking siyeeeet!) hahaha.. sana maulet! (biglang ganun?)

6. Operation Bantay Twitter. We did this due to panic on YamaPi’s One In A Million album ba o single. Basta, we were waiting for YesAsia to post a Pre-order for OIAM.. haha! panic mode talaga!

Those are just a few..

*wala akong net connection kagabi.. kaya ngayon na lang.. huhu T.T
friends won’t let you do stupid things alone,
so, we, at NYUSU do it together. :p


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