The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 09

A picture of the person who has seen you at your best and worst.


And who else will that be..

mochiron! my very own mama! XDD

She is the only person who has seen me at my best and worst since all my life I have spent and will forever be spent with her.

She has seen me turn into an evil, and at times witness that I can also be someone’s tenshi..
She has seen me in my most happiest, and saw me during my saddest.

She knew that my first love is Shin Sawada (Gokusen season 1), and knows that my forever is P.I (that’s what she calls YamaPi).. ahahaha!

She knows how TAMAD I am.. and how KASIPAGAN comes at the very unexpected moment.. and knows that when you notice kaSIPAGAN, it will easily be gone.. XDD

I once made her super angry. But she never lifted a hand on me.
I can still remember that day. The very first time she got really angry, because it was the very first time I made her worry.

It was in February.
I was a 1st yr High School student.
In school, we had a “Valentines Card”-making project.
I made one for my best friend who was no longer in my school.
Submitted it, and got my card back from my teacher.

I decided to give the card personally to my best friend and so, together with another friend, we went to my best friend’s house, and waited until she gets home from her school.

We didn’t notice it was getting late.
7pm.. when I was supposed to be at home by 6pm!

When I got home.. “blah blah blah! blah! blah blah!”
She got really angry. I was crying I couldn’t tell her where I went and why.

And after that day, I never go out without letting her know.. until now..

That is mama.
She knows me (ofcourse).. and sometimes even when I don’t tell her anything..
There was even a time when I was surprised to hear that she just trusted that that particular person will take care of me.. it was when we were watching Unang Hirit, and talked about something random.. before I went for a bath, she suddenly said.. “hmm di bale, aalagaan ka naman ni ______ eh”

And I was surprised and was like “HA??” ..and she repeated it..then I said laughing “adik..”
That is how we are.. =p


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