The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 08

A picture that makes you laugh.

while playing Wish ko Lang card game

hala-bira?? haha

This picture was taken in ORMAP/Apac Summer Outing 2009. Cleigh was missing in the picture because she was the one who took it. 🙂

While everybody was busy with the videoke, me and my friends just stayed in our room to play “Wish ko Lang” and “1-2-3 Pass!”

The loser will get to be painted on the face with Tiff’s SKIN WHITE lotion.. XDD

The funniest actually was when we called Wesley on the phone because he wasn’t able to join the Summer Outing (as always..?? 😦 )

..And so we called Wesley.. and then we invited him to play with us.

While he was on the phone he would say “1-2-3 Pass!” .. we tricked him. We didn’t play and just let him say “1-2-3 Pass!” faster and faster.. and we were all just LAUGHING.. XDD


that’s my Day 08 Picture..! 🙂

*Note: I initially thought of using Tegoshi Yuya’s picture. The screencap that makes me laugh hard.. but I can’t find it..


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