The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 07

A picture of your most treasured item.

Friendship Ring

My Friendship Ring.. 

2 years ago, I, Estela, and Laura decided to buy our Friendship Ring.. Ate Andeng and Shieryl are supposed to have one also.. but since they are absent, we weren’t able to buy 5 rings.

In this ring is the engraved ‘AnJELS’ in it.

I have always liked friendship somethings.. haha! be it bracelets, etc, minsan kahit pa pamaypay .. hehe, the latest weird friendship something I told someone was a friendship “Buzzer Beat” dvd copy.. haha..

so ayun.. (eh ano ngayon..? unnecessary skip of topic eh noh)

So! This is my most treasured item. I haven’t took it off since the day it was bought.. 🙂 And sometimes, whenever I meet with either Estela or Laura, my eyes will really look for their ring.. haha ako na makulet.. and when I don’t see them wearing it, “…asan yun singsing mo.. 😦 ”

..naisip ko lang, maybe I know that I’m not gonna be able to wear a wedding ring ever.. so I chose to be married to my best friends by this ring (whether they like it or not)


saa~ sore wa my day 07 shimashita! haha!

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