The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 05

A picture of your favorite memory.

Day 05 - favorite memory

“IceBerg! Right Ahead!”

Baguio Trip ’07

This was one of my favorite memories.
I admit, I was glad Jovy was not able to come with us. LOL
Gomen ne~ jovy-kun.. haha

This picture was taken inside the Bus. Victory Liner it was..

Together with 4 other friends: Mickey and Heizel, Ronnie and Joan, we went to Baguio!

Can you imagine if Jovy-kun went with us also? There would have been Jovy and May.. then Jokel and the Moon, Stars and Trees.. LOL

This was also the first time I got to have a very close bonding with Maymay since we were the 3rd pair for the rest of the days spent in Baguio..

Random things that made our 2-day stay memorable:
– the Beso-Beso shop.. (May, do you still remember)
We were walking along .. san nga yun? hahaha basta we were looking for a place to eat dinner ata when we passed by this shop or stall ‘BESO-BESO’ and then

May: O, Jok, beso-beso daw
Me: o sige
*jaan~! nagbeso-beso kame*


– “Iceberg! Right ahead”
..eto, nagsail-sail tayo saan nga un..? haha ang memory ko asan ka.. Mickey and Ronnie were paddling the mini boat (ah basta!) then kapag may mabubunggo tayo sisigaw sila ng “Iceberg! Right Ahead”.. haha!

and lastly..

-Moon, Stars, Trees (eto talaga memorable para skin)
We promised to keep each other company and date with the moon, stars and trees

.. I still wanted the picture of us in that big swing.. T.T

aimishu may! πŸ™‚ β™₯


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