time for fun..!

A very busy, yet fun day..
Woke up very early..
Waited for someone important until before lunchtime..
Gave up and decided to prepare to leave..

Went to the office..
Printed my medical reimbursement..
Had a little nice chat with an office friend..

Left the office..
Finally made it to TIMEZONE at Glorietta 4 and met with my NYUSU.Ph friends (again..)
We were so excited to see each other as if we didn’t see each other just the other day..

We sang at the Videoke booth in TimeZone. Had a little battle in two groups.
Botzki having the most number of 100 points gained..

It was such a super fun afternoon.

Ended the day with a purikura..
Pasted it in my planner with a summary of the fun we had..


.. and that was one of my happiest year-enders!

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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