time for fun..!

A very busy, yet fun day.. Woke up very early.. Waited for someone important until before lunchtime.. Gave up and decided to prepare to leave.. Went to the office.. Printed my medical reimbursement.. Had a little nice chat with an office friend.. Left the office.. Finally made it to TIMEZONE at Glorietta 4 and met … Continue reading time for fun..!

a nice day.. :)

My day.. that was yesterday.. (and I'm still awake today..)[December 27, 2010]I was so excited to wake up for NYUSU.ph meet-up..BUT, I wasn't able to attend in the morning.. due to unwanted circumstances..teary-eyed, I slept.. from the time I woke up at 9am.. 'til afternoon.. UNTIL my youngest brother woke me up..otouto: ate, yun package … Continue reading a nice day.. 🙂