*I just feel so broken-hearted..
I love yamapi so much that it sometimes hurts..

Click image for a bigger picture..
yakusoku suru

next times may be too far..
fate says, today is too soon..
maybe we’re not meant to meet each other now
i just hope to see you someday, somehow

i may not be the biggest among your biggest fans
but believe me i love you more than Johnny-san can
it’s funny how i feel so broken-hearted
that I even thought of having my fb deactivated..

im not giving up.. i’ll see you, this is my promise
not now though, but i intend to really keep this
ganbarimasu, next time will never stop to try
will always remember “kesshite akiramenai!

daijoubu.. 🙂

3 thoughts on “*broken-hearted*

  1. ufufufuf! HUUUUUUGGGGSSS!!
    ako din! I feel the same way as you do Pikel! T___T mayve hindi pa talaga time para makita natin si Pi. D: but someday, we will! *___*

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