[screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

Here are just a few of the screen caps I was able to grab from earlier on HEY3x.
I was also able to record their parts, but too bad Audio was not recorded.. (I only have the video)..
So now, I’m just gonna share screen caps.. LQ though..


*NEWS 7th Member AI is when..
we all waited for more or less half an hour for NEWS to appear on HEY HEY HEY! ONLY to discover that they’re gonna be on air for more or less 5 golden minutes.. 🙂

a lot more on my fb

21 thoughts on “[screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

      1. ohh!
        i forgot that~
        but still wishing for softsub~ ;DD
        my fb..
        someone that u can call ‘teshati’~ ^^VV
        u can get my twitter there~

  1. Wow, that’s so unfair, their performance used to be longer D:
    Do you know what they mostly talked about? I wonder what is it all about Tegoshi’s photos xDDD

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