fighting man pv screen caps (+download)


Just finished watching the Fighting Man PV and the 6 suteki boys, i mean MEN (yes! they’ve already grown into beautiful men!) just got me speeeechless, so here is a quick post of picspams from the PV.. all pics – i’m in so much awe that i couldn’t even think of putting in captions! Very very very nice song and pv! A song that simply reminds us to fight! fight! and fight with all our might and never give up, as yamaPi said: "kesshite akiramenai!" (never giveup!) ..

the 6 Fighting suteki ikeMen:

more screeeencaps here:


*thanks to 
[info]tegolicious1107 for giving me the dl link to the fighting man PV from [info]zaziemuto 
hontou ni arigatou! ๐Ÿ™‚

26 thoughts on “fighting man pv screen caps (+download)

  1. pikel-san…!!
    NEWS PV is so cool ne..^^
    but yamapi hair is too long..still really handsome though..LOL..XD
    thats really great work,pikel-san..^^
    arigatou ne^^

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