they simply exist.

It was in November when I first knew  (watched) Yamashita Tomohisa. Back then, I used to call him Ken- Iwase Ken. Prodai was the first dorama I watched with him as the lead actor. I used to like doramas, but not the artists, until I knew Ken. hihihi.. and since then, I was always “i like ken!”, “ken is..”, “ken..! ken ken!”, until a friend of mine said “ahhh.. Yamapi!”

And from then, Yamapi.. I was all “YamaPi!”. I started to watch all his doramas one by one, watch his interview clips, read articles about him, etc.. coincidentally, it was also that time in November when he released LOVELESS.. and was surprised that he can sing!.. *ureshii*

Another friend told me there were fangroups of Yamapi and his band.. now that’s when I learned about NEWS.. but at first, I was only after a group that supports Yamapi.. I, then always ended up with forums…. until I came upon this Yamashita Tomohisa fanpage in facebook.

Back then, my everyday routine was:
visit Yamapi fanpage by A-chan
watch Code Blue 2 every monday
post screencaps
watch clips of Yamapi and NEWS (that was where i first love TegoPi ♥)

in short, I was simply flailing…A.L.O.N.E…

until one day, somebody posted an invitation to YamaPi’s bday..
I clicked the postcard and saw this fangroup.. and was glad to read the following information:

This is a purely fan-based group founded by Filipino supporters.
We are not in anyway related to the band personally or to their management.

I was soooo glad I even told my friends I found a group of Filipinos supporting Yamapi and NEWS.. my friends are so supportive and was also happy for me they even told me to join..

So I joined..
Thanks to the admins, I got in.. 🙂

At first, I only intended to join. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I was also hesitant to join them in celebrating Pi’s bday.. that’s because I simply hate being a “newbie”.. going to a place where I know no one — I just am not that friendly to meet with new people..

After an everyday nagging from my friend that I should attend the gathering, I simply said “okay. I will go, but it’s gonna be the first and last.”

as April 9, 2010 was approaching, I was just browsing through that fangroup page.. until I got the courage to post and introduce myself…

the next parts are a HISTORY.. 🙂


It all started with one post.
I honestly didn’t intend to stay and be active in this facebook group…


I joined.
I posted.
The minute I posted my self-introduction, I was afraid if anyone would reply.. I went back to my own fb wall, and was determined to forget I posted anything there..

but it didn’t get long when I received a notification that someone replied to what I posted…
blah blah blah.. next thing I know I was enjoying myself exchanging comments with no other than.. the admins..! 🙂

I want to tell you more about my simple life-story in but If I am going to do that, then this entry would be very very loooong it may seem endless, and I might even end up continuously writing this without posting..

I sometimes wonder what my life would be
if I hadn’t known you, Nyusu-tachi
I wonder what fandom life I may be living
if I have found another fangroup before you got me in.. 

I didn’t really intend to stay
I never imagined I will face this day
to write what i have to say
looking back since yamapi’s birthday..

I have only known you for 6 months now
but I feel I have known you years already somehow
I never even expected to befriend most of you
will just be happy to be called “friend” of at least one or two..

through time, reality nightmares and sweet dreams
in fandom I had with you, I now firmly believe..

minna.. gomen ne..  this is just all I could give you as a gift.. 🙂 

by the way.. I heard one of my favorite non-NEWS song.. and got goosebumps because of this line that really expresses exactly what I feel about and here goes..

i am all alone (flailing) without you….
now that you came into my (fandom) life I feel complete
flowers bloooom, my morning shines and I can seeee
Your love is like the sun
That lights (even brighter) up my whole world
I feel the warmth inside..
ーYour Love (Alamid)
だいすき だよ! 

> minna, DOuMO arigaTOMOzaimasu!
daisuki dayo!

but all these are thanks to 山下智久.. for if I haven’t known him, there wouldn’t be any journey to at all..


8 thoughts on “they simply exist.

  1. LOVE♥
    uwaaaaa.. T_T sniff.
    *kimochi: touched*
    this was so well written!! loved it! couldn’t have said it better.
    sensei! you’ve authored not just lovely journals. you’ve marked the NYUSU kingdoms as well.. and that’s just one of the many reasons we’re proud we have you in the group family.
    daisuki da! PIkel! chuuuuu!~
    @gee: nabasa ko na rin sau, gomen nabura un reply ko.. uulitin ko na lang bukas.. hehe

  2. awwwwwwwwww.. *gets tissue* I love you too ate PIkel!!! pareho tayo.. hehe.. at times i hate being a newbie because i was afraid na i would not fit in..
    pero eto kayo, NYUSU, kasama ko sa lahat flailing moments at willing mgtiyaga sa bakaness ko!! hahahahah!!! I LOVE NYUSU.PH!!! ^_____^ ♥

    1. nako nako.. mas love kita..! 🙂 haha!
      uu.. ilang araw akong binagabag ng aking puso’t isipan kung sasali ako eh.. hehehe
      si Pi kase.. haha!
      daidaidaichuuki! 🙂

  3. ♥ÜÜ♥
    awww, so touching nman ung Nyusu.Ph poem mu PIry godmother~!!
    i ♥ iiiittt~!!
    nppaicp dn ako eh,
    “I sometimes wonder what my life would be if I hadn’t known you, Nyusu-tachi…”
    kht ako, literal na all alone flailing, pag kausp ko kayo prang ndi aq nag iisa xP wahahha~
    tayo na tlga ang emo, sbi nga ni ate Gee XDD
    AishitechüÜü ate jokePI~!!♥
    [ano ba tlga ittwag ko syo?? andmi mong kc nick-name eh XDD]

    1. ahahha!
      nalilito ka na ba? gomen nasai!
      kung san ka maligaya, suportahan kita.. hehehe!
      daichuuki pam! ikaw si yuyamoebs diba? hahaha kase ang sulat mo ang nagsasabing ikaw si sPAM!! hahaha!
      *tapos mali pala eh no..hehe

      1. ahahha, uu, damidami kc eh…
        PIry godmother, PIkel, JokePI, aun ano pa? oichi, sensei.. XDD
        Yuyamoebs desu~! üü
        halata nman sa mga smiley smiley letter u’s ko dba?~
        joke lng, gngaya ko lng c Pam

  4. *goosebumps. teary-eyes. speechless* ♥ Thank you and I love you Pikel. Everyone from Nyusu too!!!
    (I don’t know what to comment, I’m just happy that I’ve met everyone. :D)
    EMO tayo ngaun. Hahaha! XD ♥

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