*played with words and came up with: coincitwins = coincidence + twins
note: this is just a repost from my facebook notes.. 🙂

Have you ever been in a place/situation where there is one person wearing the same piece of clothing as you..? haha

Di ko maalala actually kung kelan ko na-experience ang ganito.. usually nagugulat lang ako pag tipong pamilyar un suot nung makakasalubong ko, then will suddenly laugh as I remember I have the same shirt/blouse/hoodie as that person is wearing.. -this always happens.. different people, different piece of clothing na pareho nung meron ako..

ultimong un isang close friend kong @Jaye Salonga, one time sabi ko sabay turo sa suot nya ng “uy! meron ako nyan! sayang di ko suot!”

Sometimes, when we are caught in this kind of situation, ang instant reaction natin eh mahiya or mainis “baket naman ganun..”, sabay tawa.. XD

Every week, actually everyday, yan ang iniisip ko.. pano kung that day, magkataon na eto (suot ko) eh suot din ngayon nung nakita ko nung isang linggo..? *laughs at the thought*

Suddenly, I realized something.. a better way to look at it than feel bad:

..”at least di ako nag-iisa!”
(at least, I’m not alone)

*ambabaw.. walang wenta na naman un sinulat ko..

😉 ❤


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