Moth..? or Butterfly?

Aug. 6, last friday.. nag-back-ride ako sa tryke papasok ng office..

Then I smiled when i suddenly saw a moth on my shoe..

thought to myself “hehehe.. moth ba to o butterfly..?”

I was about to take a picture of it, but too scared to accidentally drop my fone.. πŸ™‚

It was a 3-5 minute tryke ride and I was smiling dumbly the whole time staring at that moth-terfly..

3-5 minute ride passed.

bumaba ng tryke.

looked down.. and saw the moth-terfly still on my shoe..

“baka naman patay na to..”

i told my youngest brother to take a picture of it.. pero nawala sya bigla..

next thing I know, it was flying around me..

dumapo sa salamin ko.. lumipad ulet..

bigla nawala..

andun na daw sa likod ko..

…so nakisakay lang pala itong moth na ito papuntang palengke.. para mas mabilis..

walang wentang wento ano..?

I was thinking ever since friday what to write about a moth..

then finally, I came up with this random thought..

the whole time I was back-riding, sa lakas ng hangin sa labas, hindi man lang nilipad un moth-terfly..

it clung, stayed on my shoe hanggang makarating sya ng palengke..

maybe I should learn from the moth..

believe, cling to your dreams and hold on to it until it is realized..

ngayon, may wenta na sya.. πŸ™‚

(at least for me, meron) πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “moth-terfly

  1. oh hi! Im sorry about “walant wenta wento” .. it’s just a pun of “walang kwentang kwento” of “just a non-sense story I posted”

    thanks! and I’m glad you liked it! πŸ™‚

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