.but a choice

Everything = choice.
Where “everything” includes Life.
Will anyone agree with me that even before we are born, we already made a choice..?

Parents have chosen to bring their child in this world. And usually, it’s sad that sometimes when conflicts arise between a parent and a child, the child may think (out of anger) that to be born is not his choice. That he didn’t choose to be born.

Which now, I find it wrong.
Subconsciously, as babies inside wombs, we choose to be alive or not. We choose whether or not to hold on and wait ’til it’s our time to see the world outside..

And because we are here today, we chose to be alive.

From then on, everyday,. We choose to live….
but it doesn’t just end there.. because

how to live our life, is yet a choice we make each day..



3 thoughts on “.but a choice

    1. hai! we always have a choice.. kaya alisin na ang “no choice” sa vocabulary.. hehehe
      *header courtesy of lj-sensei katrinasacay
      dami na nya customers hehehe

      1. if there’s “no choice” you just chose not to insist. and so there was still a choice.
        LOL im confusing myself. whatever me.hehe

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