code blue 2 episode 5

This is what I understood from the scenes with this little girl…

Initially, the little girl was scared of Aizawa sensei. She first saw him when she was brought to the hospital, and because she kept on crying noisily, Aizawa somehow called out “woi..!” -that’s when she was being silenced.

During the night, when the girl was brought to her ward/hospital room, it was Aizawa sensei who tucked her in to bed. As Aizawa sensei was tucking her in, she refused to look at him.. That’s when Aizawa realized the effect of his actions earlier to the child. Having realized it, Aizawa paused, somehow smiled a little, and started a short talk with the little girl by asking for her stuff toy’s name.

After that…

The little girl could not sleep, and so she followed where Aizawa sensei has gone to. She sat beside him and told him about her family (that’s what I thought, because the girl kept on telling him about okaa-san, otou-san and onii-chan.. ^^v). From then, the little girl somewhow found a friend in Aizawa sensei..

Just before the little girl’s surgery, she again kept on crying. But Aizawa sensei appeared and told her that sensei (and the stuff toy friend) will never leave her during the surgery.

Indeed, even if Aizawa is not in-charged with the surgery, he never left the little girl and what’s more, he just stood beside the bed, holding the little girl’s hand underneath.. Aizawa sensei also did not let his co-trainee take the stuff toy away or out of the operating room during the surgery.. ^_^

aizawa sensei with a child patient.. :)

..well.. I hope I understood the episode correctly.. ^_^

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