sutil mode.. patawarin.

Every year during October, the Home Owners Association here in the subdivision organizes the Block Rosary Crusade. Representatives from each house are encouraged to join, and bring the Virgin Mary to every house each day. The Virgin Mary will stay at one house, every night. There will be a short prayer upon the Mama Mary’s arrival to a house. On the night that the Virgin Mary will leave the house, the group will then pray the Holy Rosary, after which a procession will start from the house where the Virgin Mary stayed to the next house she is scheduled to stay.

October 20, 2009. I was tasked to lead the Holy Rosary. I have been doing this since we moved here in Tandang Sora, to this time, except for last year where I wasn’t able to go home early.

During those times when I lead the rosary, I have always been remembering what our English teacher, Sister Alfonsa (or Faustina? Waa.. will check with my college friend later for her name) would tell us every time we pray. She taught us something like “You don’t pray fast. Don’t mumble the words. Say each word clearly”.

And so, for how many years I was attending the block rosary, I can’t help but shake my head every time the elders pray the way Sister Alfonsa wouldn’t want to hear prayers to be said.

Sutil –I can be very sutil whenever I want to, whenever I want to teach others their lesson –and I sometimes don’t care about their age.

During those times when I feel like being strict as Sister Alfonsa with regards to praying, I would be “Sutil” and recite the prayer in a moderately slow manner. Now they can’t do anything about it. Ha-ha..

An hour ago, I was tasked to lead the rosary again.. since I am obviously here now and I can’t use an alibi.

Toyo plus tamad mode. I have been telling them I won’t do the rosary again, It’s their turn to do it now. It’s not that I don’t want to do it –I just don’t feel leading a rosary with the home owner’s members. They look as if they really like each other, when in fact, they really don’t. haayst!

You’d say “ano ba yan si jocelle. Tama bang katamaran?!?”. I am bad, I know. And I know being bad is not a good reason not to do important things. Sutil nga eh.. even that, don’t count as a good alibi.

I went to lead the rosary. Have forgotten the right way of doing it, I heard an elder whispering “ang bilis.. slow.. slow”.

Now she talks about saying the prayer slowly!

I slowed down the recitation of the prayer.

They pissed me off. How?

They don’t even say the prayer ng sabay sabay eh..! Some of them will answer in prayer when I’m not even finished with my part.. Some of them will finish, and I was there waiting for the others who are only half-way of the “Holy Mary, Mother of God…” in response to my “Hail Mary, Mother of God”.

I just shook my head, “Mama Mary, patawarin nyo po kameng lahat..”

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