something on Tuesday that made me smile on Wednesday..

It was a rainy tuesday the other day. Another day to stay in “Alaska”-temperatured spot/cube in the office, doing nothing else but read read, and read CBTs you can find in the MyLearning site.. After realizing that I have completed almost all my required CBTs, I tried to search for Books24x7, registered for it, clicked on the ‘Recommended’ link, then browse for books that I might find interesting to read.. and so I came upon the book title “The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die” by John Izzo. Hmmm.. found it interesting, clicked the title, then off to read the book..

Somewhere in one of the chapters’ discussion, I learned that:

“ live life fully, you have to banish the word BOREDOM from your vocabulary”

Thought of it as interesting though It seems hard for me ‘coz I’ve been complaining about it for weeks already.. From the minute after I read that line, it got me thinking and realized that that line is right.. “hmmm.. hmmm..”

Wednesday was just and had been just another day for reading.. Another day that sleepyness won’t leave me..

but surprisingly found me smiling and realized that yes, I’m still complaining to friends..of sleepyness, of hunger an hour after another, and of having nothing else to do but read, but I haven’t complained to them of being bored again!! …..meaning that the last time I told someone “nababato na talaga ako” was just on Monday, and I have subconsciously removed boredom from my vocabulary since tuesday!

yey! ..I also found out that since then, when somebody asks me how I am, I simply would answer them “ayus naman.. basa basa pa rin..”, keeping from telling my now-prohibited words “nakakabato, batong-bato, bored”.. because I’m not bored anymore.. (or at least I try not to feel it, trying not to make it win over me..) ^_^

..and I intend not to use that word anymore..

I’ll try.. I promise..

…madaming promise… 

2 thoughts on “something on Tuesday that made me smile on Wednesday..

  1. I always tell my children being bored is not allowed. That they are in control of their own lives and that they must find themselves something interesting to do.

    I’m glad you won’t be bored any more. And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

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