plantsa: got some ironing to do..

Have you felt the need to iron something? Maliban sa damit.. like buhay maybe..? Or maybe you don’t think you need it, because you feel like your life is heading on the right way already..?

Starting today.. I’ll try to make plantsa my buhay na.. (so coniotic cannot bear! hahaha) Actually I already started making plantsa last thursday…and fyi, there’s too much to iron it can’t be finished overnight..

I felt the need to iron my wrinkled life because I felt that I am not getting any younger anymore.. Know what I mean..? Sooner or later, I have to be the one in-charged.. Sooner or later, who knows, I might regret that I didn’t iron early enough para mabawas-bawasan ang paplantsahin.. sooner or later, I may or may not face that day when I’ll be in-charged..

Kinilabutan ako actually, after I did the first step (open a savings account for Jeje), it was like I’m already preparing them kung ano’t ano man.. “waa, teka, mamamatay na ba ako”, coz I even suggested to open another account for the two other boys..

I may not be the perfect daughter, neither the perfect “ate”.. what I know is, this is why I decided to make plantsa na may buhay to be one..Life is short.. yun lang yun.. better to leave with ironed life, than wrinkled clothes..



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