sooner or later..

sooner or later
things will happen as they should
worries will soon be faced
fears will soon be conquered

sooner or later
that fearful, sad, gray day will come
the day we have expected to happen later
but never wished that it be this soon. so soon.. as in ‘soon’ with an ‘-er’.

nothing is perfect, i know
it is a fact that i have to accept as i grow
i know for a fact that sooner or later
we’ll realize that it’s all for the better

i’m worried, im afraid.. am not shy to tell you this
for the nth time i have let myself be attached
attached with the group i have grown to enjoy
that sooner or later i have to let go..

am too afraid but have to be prepared.
teaching myself to accept things, but still so scared
i hate goodbyes even if it’s for the better
i know it will come, but i still pray it’ll be later than sooner..

i spell the group’s name as h.o.m.e
because it already became my family
and if there’s anything i could to prevent things to happen
w/o doubt id do it, but we know there’s nothing about this that we can

i’m wishing for the best, but expecting the worse
praying that one day there’ll be a flash report
that noone’s going to leave yet, never, not again, not anymore..

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