God won’t give us a cross we can’t carry

I just want to share with you something i have told my friend via email who’s having her difficult times.. some of you may be having your most difficult times, or maybe someone you know may be experiencing their downtimes today… hmm.. why am i sharing you this? siguro dahil ilang beses lang sa isang taon ako nagiging positive katulad nito though a lot of people say i am (pero di ko naman feel..haha)

here it is..an excerpt from my reply to a friend who needs some spanking..hehe

lahat ng tao may problema..
hmmm.. dalhin mo nlng ang problema positively.. hanapan mo ng bright side..
minsan kase.. at actually madalas naman pag may problema tayo, we look at it as a big mole in front of us.. at sa sobrang laki ng tingin natin dito, ang mindset natin is bket tayo lang may ganito, not knowing or realizing na there are so many people who’s carrying a much greater cross/burden than what we have…
gets mo..? parang there are definitely more people whom our own burdens are in no way be compared to what they have..
hindi natin narerealize na wala sa kalingkingan ng problema ng iba un problemang pinoproblema natin not until we meet someone na mas malaki pa kesa sa problema natin.. hehe.. diba diba??
hmm..minsan ganyan na lang sinasabi ko sa sarili ko pag masyado ko na nilulubog un sarili ko sa lungkot for having such big problems/worries..
o diba parang napaka-positive ko sa buhay para magsabi ng ganito.. hehe 🙂
live life..and love it…no matter how life would sometimes be one of the reasons that break your heart..
this is life ..remember..
it won’t be life w/o all these things.. 🙂
isipin mo na lang.. hindi nman magtatagal ngingiti din tayo.. 🙂
sabi nga sa the martian child na movie ..”..and the important thing in this life is to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever GIVE UP.. never ever ever ever..”
..that’s it.. i could only hope this helped her..
God won’t give us a cross we can’t carry.. and sometimes, the bigger or heavier our cross is, the more proud we should be because God puts more trust on us to carry that cross than anyone else.. 😉



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