Change Doesn’t Change.

Things change and so do people. You can’t expect them to stay the way they are forever. We meet different people every now and then. We have always been reminded that change is the only constant thing in the world. Putting it ironically, CHANGE is the only thing in the world that DOESN’T CHANGE.

During my college days, I, together with the rest of my friends would always remind ourselves that no matter where life would lead us after college, we must still be in touch with each other. We promised never to forget the years we spent together, we promised to keep what we always had strong – we promised to keep the friendship alive. But no matter how we always try to fulfill these promises, we would somehow end up breaking them one way or another whether we like it or not.

As someone who really values friendship than any other relationships in the world I could have, I always make sure that being with my newly-found friends wouldn’t make my long-time buddies feel that I have already forgotten about them. I have never failed to keep in touch with them; I have never failed to share with them stories about the life I’m living right now; and I have never failed to make them feel that they are still important. I have never felt tired of making effort just for us to get together, even if it means taking the risk that my invitation would be declined by the same friends I had never experienced rejected by due to wrong timing of plans, etc., ending up feeling sad that we may never find time for our busy schedules to meet.

Earlier, I received a message from a friend. It seemed clear to me that she is beginning to doubt if we will ever get together just as we were before. She fears that our closeness will not be the same as the closeness that we had 3 or 4 years ago. I have always assured her that nothing is going to change between us. I have always promised her that since the day we became friends and luckily I have always been able to keep it until now.

I have always intended to keep my promises. Keeping promises has never been my difficulty because I have never had a hard time keeping them (I won’t make a promise if can’t keep them, in the first place). But this time, I now find it hard. Not because I am not able to keep what I have assured them, but because the promise I made will not depend on me alone anymore. Reason for this is that no matter how I try to keep every thing fine, if the rest involved in this won’t give their effort, this is going to be useless.

I feel frustrated that I won’t be able to bring the group together once again. As time passes, I am beginning to feel tired, but I’m fighting it. Tiredness won’t beat me. I know I can still see me and my friends back together.

Change doesn’t change in this life, yes. But I won’t let Change to beat me, not for AnJELS, not for my friends.

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