Written. Timed. Measured.

When we want something done and was able to do it by the deadline we have set to ourselves, it is good luck. When things happen unexpectedly at our advantage, we think that it was because of our good and sometimes regarded as perfect timing.

A teammate in need of a user account and password asks you to lend him yours, just after you thought of changing your password into something different than ‘meLoveshim’ (of which ‘him’ could be any name you refer to someone you are eyeing on at the moment). Whew! That’s what you call a good timing! 😉

A good friend you haven’t seen for quite some time accidentally bumped into you while you’re busy making your way to the station going home. Wow, that’s really good timing since you’ve been thinking earlier whether or not to go home late.  🙂

Aside from believing that everything happens for a reason – to teach you and make you realize something, I have also come to realize that everything is measured. Everything is timed. The amount of water you decide to take before leaving for home, the seconds it took you to say “Bye-bye!” to your colleague as you prepare to leave, the minutes it took the elevator before it stops at the floor where you are, and the footsteps it took you before someone accidentally bumped on you –and realized as you say the “ampf” word that that someone is your long-time friend! 😉

Every thing is measured, and timed because every thing has been written long before. No matter how you keep on doing a good job avoiding certain things, persons and places, you will still end up unlucky in avoiding them because every thing is timed unless it is not written. 😉

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