last trip..


Nobody knows his time. Nobody could ever tell what’s going to happen in the next few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. It’s much wiser to think of what to do next, than bother ourselves with time because we can never know when time is going to stop ticking.

I was always lucky to end up taking the last trip going home, especially on days when I am busy making my work and life balanced. And whenever I do get a chance to take the last trip, I automatically whisper “thanks, thanks Lord” because I won’t have to double my trip just to get home.

Not all last trips are fun and relieving – not all last trips can bring you home.. at least safely. Sometimes, last trips bring you to a place where you’ll never be able to see your home again. We’ll only know our time when the last trip arrives. Problem is we don’t even have an idea when our last trip will come.

I don’t fear getting home late and not be able to take the last jeepney ride on my way home. I have always been prepared for that ‘cause I know there will still be other means for me to get home. What fears me is the last trip itself. No matter how thankful I am that I’m able to take the ride, ‘last trips’ always frighten me. Because every time that I am able to be on the last jeepney, I can’t help but ask myself “What if this is going to be my last ride?”.

We only walk through this life once. Roads never get the same, even if it’s always the same path we take everyday.  And no matter how frequent we take the same road, there will always be something that we miss to see, notice, and fail to appreciate – just like the building at the left side of EDSA (if you’re riding the MRT coming from the north bound) of which one of the units is colored blue-green, the clouds that change forms every day –sometimes it forms like an angel with someone kneeling in front of him (my imagination is so powerful I can even make a story out of the clouds), or one of the few people you recognize as your “classmate-passenger” having a new hair cut.

Make the most of your day.. every day. Never fail to appreciate things around you. Always try to see good in others even if they are the ones who keep pushing you as you get on the 3rd door 1stcoach of a skipping train at the MRT station. Just smile, wiggle yourself in, inhale deeply, smile at those who push you (I know it’s hard.. hehe), who knows they may be the same people you’ll be with on the last ride. Look at its bright side –at least you’re able to get in, and whisper “God Bless My Trip..”

Ingat! J

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