a living funeral

Most of us are afraid to talk about death, but one quote of whose author I don’t know says that Death (that thing we fear) could be a very beautiful experience. I have thought about this — how come it’s a beautiful experience when death means losing the people you love, and leaving them (in case when you are the one whom Death is going to take). As for my such playful mind, there is only one thing I could think of that would make me agree Death is and could be a Beautiful experience.. and that is what they call EULOGY – one that is done during the necrological service.

Eulogy.. a kind of ceremony given to someone during his wake, a statement about the good things he has done in his life, the time to reminisce all the good memories each has had with the departed one, and a testimonial of proofs of how good a person someone had been all his life while he was still alive..

Each of us would want to be given or to be offered something like this when our ‘time’ comes. It would be very nice to know how we have affected the lives of others during our time on earth and how we have been a great part in somebody’s life through our own simple ways (consciously, even unconsciously). But haven’t you realized that these Eulogies would be useless anyway? What’s the use of these testimonials about us if we can no longer hear it? How will these people know that we are very pleased to be hearing those eulogies from them if we are not able to react from our own casket?

Ive learned this through Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie where Morrie told his family and friends that he would want to have a “Living Funeral”. For it will be useless if eulogies were to be done in his wake when he dies. Which, I realize was true..

We, who are still enjoying our lives here on earth, and as adults with such young, childlike, happy hearts always want to be given testimonials.. Well, I thank friendster.com for pioneering a site where my friends can take time to tell the world how they are thankful for meeting someone like me.. 😉

Unconsciously, the testimonials we receive (and give) are somewhat eulogies, and the sites where we make it can be our “living funeral”.

It really doesn’t matter when, where, and how we want to show the rest of the world how one has been to us. What really matters is that we take time to show each other how each affects each life, how we’re thankful for having met each person, and how we care so much for them that we can’t even imagine losing them for a long time.

So, take advantage of every opportunity that you are able to show someone you love and care for how much you really do. Be it through testimonials online, a pat on the back, or a hug.

Don’t wait for Death to come, have your own Living Funeral while you can still hear, feel, and react to every thing you are able to grasp, laugh at, and enjoy..

and as what Og Mandino said, “live your life as if it is your last”..

Make the people around you happy as though you’re not going to see them tomorrow, as if today is the last day you’ll be able to hear them laugh at your craziness, see them smile at your good deeds, and touch their hearts like it has never been touched (the way you do) before..

hmm.. so, how about giving me a eulogy..? 😉

I’d be more than happy if you would..! 😉

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