little dream cloud

Life’s too short.. everything that may happen today or that happened today may never really happen again tomorrow.. so sing it, write it, feel everything you’re experiencing because good things may never come the next day in the exact package it came today..

Dream.. and when you do, dream BIG..! it’s one of the very few things we can have and/or consume for free..! Write everything you dream of, wish for, and hope and pray for! Faith is what keeps our dreams alive. The bigger our faith is on these dreams to come true, the higher the possibility that these dreams will be real!

So.. lay back on your dream cloud, fly as far as your mind can take you, write as if you’re chasing for words, sing as happily as your heart is, feel every pain and live each day as if you’ll never be able to see life tomorrow!

Happy reading on my little dream cloud! ^.^

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I am Jokel.
Welcome to the inside of my brain. Feel free to read my mind and discover everything my heart wants to say.

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lunch! いただきます! itadakimasu! )^o^( strawberry jcc, takoyaki, chicken teriyaki doria (?).. yummeh. "My shadow is the only thing that walks beside me." "When God created you, He created you to give." -Bo Sanchez

#fromwhereisit #thefeastbayarea 🎶I've been knocking on different doors
Looking for a love like Yours
Unaware of the fact 
That Your Love is chasing me.🎶 :')
#fromwhereisit #fromwhereisit
Thank God for Sundays.. ⛪️ 🎶cause I don't have a wooden heart🎶

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